21.10.17 and 28.10.17
Will you survive?
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The Malloy Experiments

Dr Malloy was the chief doctor at Cheddleton County Mental Asylum. Nearly a century after his death his secret diaries have been discovered in a sealed room deep beneath the old chapel. These diaries provide insight into the unhinged mental state of the young doctor and the horrific experimental procedures that he trialed on his patients. Rumour has it that the ghosts of Dr Malloy and his abused patients still haunt the chapel today. During the experience you will explore some of the oldest parts of the chapel navigating twists and turns to find your way out. It will not be long before you realise that you are not alone. Will you survive?

What is Chapel Fright?

CHAPEL FRIGHT: THE MALLOY EXPERIMENTS is a live action terror maze. If you are brave enough to enter then you will need to navigate the maze's twists, turns and dead ends to find the exit. Think that sounds easy? Maybe not, when you're plunged into darkness, all the while dealing with the maze's ghoulish undead occupants who are hell-bent on your brutal demise!

Where is Chapel Fright?

Chapel Fright

The maze is located inside the actual former Chapel of Cheddleton County Mental Asylum, Staffordshire. For the uninitiated find us on Google Maps here.

When is Chapel Fright?

The maze will be open on Saturday 21st (6pm-8pm) and Saturday 28th (6pm-8pm) October. Booking tickets before hand is strongly recommended.

Chapel Fright Information

Chapel Fright Ticket Info

Tickets on sale now
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